Top 5 Areas to Focus on Concerning Your Digital Marketing

The way that your website is designed can have a huge impact on your sales and your traffic especially. It is one thing to get the visitors to your website, it is another for them to take action of your pages. In order to get the most of every visitor experience, the following five digital marketing tips will help you to get those organic visitors to take the desired action.

Consider implementing these web design tips to see your sales grow steadily;

Charleston SEOThe very first area of your website that needs attention is the home page. This is the page where more than 82% of all organic traffic is going to wind up landing, so you better work on making that first impression. This means removing all that clutter, getting the animated banners and videos on their own pages, and moving the most relevant content above the fold.

The next thing that is imperative to growing your business is creating an e-mail sign up box, but placing it someone else than the top right of the site. This area is used so often that visitors have become blind to it, so place it somewhere they are not expecting to see it. That will get them to take action and break that pattern they have of not wanting to continue the conversation with your website.

The navigation bar is your opportunity to make life easier for your visitors and to get them to the content they are searching in less time. If you can get your visitor to a page they are looking for information in one click, you have a better chance of retaining that person. If they have to search the website for information, click after click, they will, hit that back button and never return.

Add fresh and relevant content daily to your website. Each posting should be keyword rich and provide useful information to visitors. If they know you are posting new information daily, they will return day after day to see what is new in your niche and possibly take action too.

Lastly, you need these visitors to help spread the word about your company, and that can be done with social media buttons. Placing these buttons on your home page, on all articles, basically everywhere you can on your website, you make it easy for a visitor to share your content with their followers, and spreading the word organically.

These five digital marketing tips are simple to implement and will have a long-lasting positive impact on sales.

First Time Boat Buying Tips for Smooth Sailing From

Boats for SaleBuying a boat of any size can be quite the adventure if you are not going into this prepared, we have discovered from our work with Taking the time to work off this checklist will ensure that when the time is right, you get the perfect size boat for you at the right price too.

Consider these 7 tips before heading out to the boat sale and your time on the water will be more enjoyable:

1. Always take the time check local resources like Craigslist and the newspaper classified. Deals spring up all the time from sellers who want out of the deal quickly and easily.

2. Consider how many accessories the owner is willing to throw in with the deal. Many times you can score things like a trailer, safety equipment, fishing gear, and more, just for the asking when the seller is extremely motivated.

3. Take the time to go register for a boating safety class. No matter how much or how little experience you have, your passengers are putting their lives in your hands when riding out on the water. It is imperative you know as much as possible to keep everyone safe.

4. Never leave the docks of the marina unless you have more than enough safety vests for every single passenger including yourself. When buying your boat, see if you can get a deal on these pieces of safety equipment as part of the sale price.

5. Consider the cost of storing the boat at the marina all year versus using a trailer to bring the boat home. While the convenience of hoping in your boat that is already in the water at the marina is convenient, it does come with a very steep price. Call local marinas and shop around.

6. Go to a local boating show first and pick the brains of as many people as possible to get a real feel for this boating lifestyle.

7. Take note how much this is going to cost. In addition to the price of the boat, consider fuel, storage, a trailer, license, permits, insurance, repairs, maintenance, winterizing, safety equipment, upgrades, and things like depth finders or fishing gear too.

These 7 tips when buying a boat will help you to get the most of your boating experience. This is going to be something you can use to create memories of a lifetime with family and friends, so taking the time to ensure you have everything in order will give you years of joy with your boat.



Marketing Insight and Getting the Word Out on Real Estate Commission Rebates

Real Estate Charleston SCThe appeal of the real estate rebate is reaching a fever pitch, yet many potential home buyers do not even know about this windfall of cash they could be enjoying at closing. There is no qualification, no forms to fill out, we are talking about free cash, and plenty of it, for simply working with a realtor to buy the house. Before you just go running to your local realty office looking for a few grand, it is best you learn how to negotiate real estate commissions. Here are a few tips from our recent work with real estate Charleston SC and Premier One.

Speaking With the Realtor
Understand that real estate agents work extremely hard for the commissions they make. Even though they will make a nice chunk of change on one house, no one sees how many times they take a potential client to see a house and wind up with no sale. They could spend several hundred hours a year showing homes and the buyers just walk away. So when they do sell a house, they really deserve every penny because it all averages out. Don’t assume every realtor offers the rebates, it is best to discuss this long before you sign your contract with them.

Negotiating the Rebate
When talking with the realtor about getting the rebate, it is best to give assurance you are a serious buyer and will gladly close a deal if the right house comes along. If you show up to the real estate office with a mortgage commitment in hand, your realtor will be more likely to offer the real estate rebate because they know you are a serious buyer and that this can be a very quick sale for them. The more work you do on the front end, like having the mortgage commitment, your credit score, and a list of potential houses you want to see, the easier the realtor decision to offer you a nice chunk of the pie.

Talking About Money
In exchange for you doing all that work up front, you can now negotiate the maximum rebate. Explain to your realtor that in exchange for the rebate, you are going to minimize their workload by helping narrow down the search for them. By choosing neighborhoods, house size, lot sizes, in advance, you allow the realtor to send you homes that are perfect for your needs and you will only be shown the houses that you requested.

Now you know how to negotiate real estate commissions, be sure that you speak to the real estate agent before signing any realty contracts.